Today, State Representative John Cabello passed a resolution making the IL State Route 59 overpass the “Trooper Chong Soo Lim Memorial Overpass,” memorializing Lim’s life as an Illinois State Trooper.
“He sacrificed his life for his community,” Representative John Cabello (R-Rockford) said. “This memorial is a small way all of us can say thanks to Trooper Lim.”

Trooper Chong Soo Lim was killed in the line of duty June 5, 1995 while making a traffic stop on the Northwest Tollway. Lim was sitting in his police cruiser when a drunk driver slammed into the back of his vehicle.

Born in South Korea, Trooper Lim graduated from the Police Academy and began his career patrolling Chicago’s District 3. He was transferred to the midnight shift in District 15 in Oak Brook one month before the accident that took his life.
“This memorial serves as a reminder of Trooper Lim’s brave service and his dedication to duty,” said ISP Director Leo Schmitz. “We cannot bring our heroes back, but we must always remember their sacrifice.”

Cabello added, “The overpass is symbolic. Lim will always be watching over I-90.”